Rotation Sites

Residents are exposed to a variety of pathology practices at our core and affiliated sites: USC/LAC+USC Medical Center (LAC+USC), Keck Medical Center of USC (Keck), Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner.

LAC+USC Medical Center

LAC+USC Medical Center is a public safety net hospital that provides medical services to the community of Los Angeles regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status. Residents are exposed to a large variety of pathology cases, including complex and rare cases that are not seen elsewhere, such as leprosy. Residents perform and achieve competence in ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirations and rapid onsite evaluations for cytology adequacy assessment. 

Anatomic Pathology

  • 19,660 cases/year (AY 2021-'22)
  • Introduction to Surgical Pathology for incoming first year residents
  • Gyn Surg Path 2-day cut cycle / non-Gyn Surg Path 3-day cut cycle
  • PA instructor/gross room supervisor 
  • AP/CP daily teaching conference 8-9 AM (protected time)
  • Daily consensus conference around multi-headed scope
  • Resident-led gynecologic and clinical pathology interesting case conferences (monthly)
  • Grossing Day:
    • Non-GYN: ~20-40 biopsies / 10-20 routines
    • GYN: ~10-20 biopsies / 5-10 routines
  • Sign-Out Day:
    • Plenty of preview time
    • 100% double scope sign-outs
  • 100% of cases go to residents first
    • No competition for cases between residents and fellows
  • Residents order and review all IHC and special stains first
  • Emphasis of Gynecologic, Breast, Prostate, and Gastrointestinal Pathology

Keck Hospital of USC

Residents hone their skills in grossing and signing-out complex cancer resection specimens and gain competency in Frozen Section/Intraoperative Consultation. By the completion of their residency, most residents have performed more than 250-400 frozen sections (well above the required number of 200 by the ACGME). Keck provides additional exposure to the areas of Genitourinary, Head and Neck, Soft Tissue Pathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology.

Anatomic Pathology

  • 18,998 cases/year (AY 2021-'22)
  • 3-day frozen/gross/sign-out schedule
  • Support, guidance and education by 3 full-time Pathologists' Assistants and attending staff
  • Frozen Day:
    • Cover frozens for 3 hospitals
    • Typically receive 5-10 per day
    • Wide variety of consults/specimens
  • Grossing Day:
    • 5 specimen limit
      • Typically complicated cancer resections
      • Typically cases that the resident performed frozen section/intraoperative consultation during frozen day
    • Example specimens: Whipple, Larynx/Pharynx, Glossectomy, Cystoprostatectomy, Pelvic exenteration, etc.
  • Sign-Out Day:
      • Preview, write up and sign-out the 5 cases grossed the previous day
      • Graduated responsibility
      • Opportunity to gain confidence, competence and independence in a fully supportive environment

Clinical Pathology

  • Residents see the latest testing platforms such as MALDI-TOF in Microbiology and Next-Generation Sequencing in Molecular Pathology.
  • Daily microbiology plate rounds with microbiology attending, occurring three times a week
  • Graduated responsibilities
  • Clinical Pathology Call
    • Day Call (Begins PGY-1)
      • 9am - 5pm while on chemistry and microbiology services
    • Night Call (Begins PGY-2 after establishing competency):
      • AT HOME!!
      • Approximately 10 weeks of call spread out over PGY-2 to PGY-4 

Fellowships (ACGME-Accredited)

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